NEW NDIS MICROCREDENTIALS: Premium Health is pleased to introduce our new microcredential certification framework for high intensity support skills and health care training Introducing NEW NDIS Microcredentials

Generating Self-Enrolment Links

We ask that all participants enrol into their upcoming training with Premium Health through our online platform, Vasto, at least 72 hours prior to course commencement. For those undertaking training with online pre-work, this is a critical step to undertake prior to the face-to-face or live virtual classroom training. Once participants are enrolled into the course, they will receive a booking confirmation and login details to our student portal, where they will be able to login and complete the online pre-learning. This portal will also contain their certificates post training.

To enrol your team into their training, please login to your coordinator portal and generate a self-enrolment link for each of your upcoming courses. This self-enrolment link can then be shared with your team so they can enrol into the training directly.

The below video shows you how to generate and share a self-enrolment link. If you have any questions or issues with this process, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 721 292 or via email [email protected].

Premium Health are excellent and their offering is of tremendous value to the Disability sector. Their instructors are knowledgeable and engaging and our staff have the convenience of someone come on site to teach them. Classes which are offered virtually also provided a high level of interaction and useful information that our carers can take and apply to the work they do. We are very pleased with the services provided by Premium Health.

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