Complex Bowel Care Training – Ostomy and Stoma Care

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This complex care training provides support workers with essential knowledge and skills to assist participants with their High Intensity Support Daily Activity (HIDPA) relating to stoma care. Support workers learn how to assist participants to clean and maintain a healthy stoma, change an ostomy bag and troubleshoot common problems. It is an essential component of a support workers role to understand how to follow correct procedures detailed in a support plan for complex bowel care, and communicate and document bowel function.

The training is competency based and assessment is undertaken of knowledge or knowledge and skills, depending on the delivery option selected. This course is consistent with the NDIS High Intensity Support Skills Descriptor for Complex Bowel Care relating to a participant living with a stoma.

Learning Objectives

    All Delivery Modes:
  • Describe strategies to maintain regular bowel function

  • Troubleshoot common problems

  • Follow a support plan for complex bowel care (stoma)

    Delivery Options 2 and 3 Only:
  • Demonstrate the changing of an ostomy bag

  • Demonstrate appropriate infection control precautions whilst cleaning a stoma

  • Demonstrate in a simulated environment the correct technique for changing a one-piece ostomy bag using correct infection control principles

Delivery Mode
Option 1: 2 hours and 30 minutes live online training and knowledge assessment
Option 2: 3 hours live online training with knowledge and skills assessment
Option 3: 2 hours and 45 minutes face-to-face training with knowledge and skills assessment

Qualification Issued
Option 1: Complex Bowel Care - Ostomy and Stoma Care : Live Online Training and Knowledge Assessment (Statement of Completion)
Option 2: Complex Bowel Care - Ostomy and Stoma Care : Live Online Training with Knowledge and Skills Assessment (Statement of Competence)
Option 3: Complex Bowel Care - Ostomy and Stoma Care: Face-to-Face Training and Assessment (Statement of Competence)

More About This Course
We select our Premium Health trainers and assessors carefully. All are nurses with appropriate qualifications, technical expertise and experience in the health care, emergency first aid and education sectors. This enables them to provide you with quality training which is grounded in direct experience and knowledge of the field.

Premium Health offers both face-to-face delivery and online live training and assessment. Courses are available onsite at your venue, online Australia wide or at our public course venue.

Public Dates

Our public training option includes skills-based assessment using an equipment pack. This pack will be shipped to your nominated address prior to the training and must be brought to the session. To allow for shipment lead times, enrolments for this course will close 17 days prior to course commencement. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Public training dates are typically released 3 months in advance. If sessions for your preferred training period are not yet available, we encourage you to revisit our website at a later date. Please note the below pricing is inclusive of GST.

Course TitleTraining BeginsSeats LeftPrice
Complex Bowel Care - Ostomy and Stoma Care : Live Online Training with Knowledge and Skills Assessment
Pathway: 3 hours live online training and assessment
Fri, 7 Jun 2024
9:00am - 12:00pm
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