NOW OFFERING SKILLS COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT Perfect for anyone who's completed online learning and wants the opportunity to put their theory into practice. Skills Competency Assessment
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Skills Competency Assessment

At Premium Health, we are all about competency. We recognise that while online modules are a valuable source of knowledge, they often fall short in practical skill development and competency. Nurses don't learn to perform practical skills and complex care interventions by watching videos or doing online modules; and neither should Support Workers.

Our competency assessment workshops are perfect for anyone who has completed online learning and is seeking the opportunity to put their theory into practice.

Our nurse educators, qualified in assessment, will help to ensure your staff are confident and competent to deliver High Intensity Support, leaving you audit ready. If you would like to know more, please contact us today.

These workshops provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills in a hands-on environment and be assessed by a qualified nurse educator, certified in assessment. Students should have undertaken prior learning in the specific complex care area before attending these workshops.

Delivery Mode

  • Option 1: Face-to-face competency assessment
  • Option 2: Live virtual classroom competency assessment

Qualification Issued
Statement of Competence

More About This Course
We offer competency assessment for the following complex care areas:

  • Assisting Clients with Medication
  • Complex Bowel Care - Enema and Suppository Administration
  • Complex Bowel Care - Ostomy and Stoma Care
  • Complex Wound Care Support
  • Dysphagia Support
  • Enteral Feeding Support (Tube Feeding via PEG and PEJ)
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Support and Emergency Medication Administration
  • Urinary Catheter Support (IDC and SPC)

Premium Health are fantastic to deal with. The process of booking in training is easy and Premium Health have a range of health related training topics to choose from. The facilitators who deliver the training are knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and make the sessions interesting.

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  • Disability
  • First Aid
  • Health Professionals
  • High Intensity Support Skills
  • Mental Health
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