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High Intensity Support Skills Training

Premium Health are committed to delivering ‘best practice’ training to Support Workers in a range of High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (HIDPA). Our complex care courses are consistent with the NDIS Practice Standards and delivered by experienced nurse educators.

Premium Health has been the training provider of choice in the disability sector for over 20 years. We have an in depth understanding of the complex care training required for support workers and carers. NDIS Approved Auditors regularly recommend Premium Health training to providers.

We offer both Private and Corporate training in High Intensity Support Skills (HISS) with a range of delivery methods both face-to-face and online.

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Premium Health were fast, flexible and willing to assist at all times, we changed sessions from face-to-face (on-site) to video conferencing for all of our people. This was a great achievement and provided a great outcome.

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  • Head of Learning & Development
  • Disability Services Australia
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