UETDRMP010 Provide First Aid in an ESI Environment

Provide first aid in an ESI environment

This unit will train you in the essential knowledge and skills required to provide first aid in an Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) environment. This accredited course is recommended for workers where they are required to work near powerlines and live electrical apparatus.
Electricity supply industry employees are required under legislative regulations to complete this unit and maintain yearly refresher training to work on ESI networks.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare to provide first aid in an ESI environment

  • Carry out the provision of first aid in an ESI environment

  • Complete provision of first aid in an ESI environment

HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Delivery Mode
3 hours face-to-face training and assessment

Qualification Issued
UETDRMP010 Provide first aid in an ESI environment

More About This Course
Your trainer will be a nurse or a paramedic - there can be no better trainer than one who has "lived" the experience. As a trusted health professional, they will teach the 'why' of first aid and are committed to you leaving your course with confidence and competence.
Some topics covered in the Provide first aid in an ESI environment are:

  • Preparation of emergency first aid equipment relevant to an ESI Environment

  • Identification of hazards and minimisation of risks

  • Assessment and stabilisation of the casualty

  • Provision of first aid for conditions including bleeding, burns, electrocution, shock, bites and stings

  • Communication of details to emergency services personnel

  • Reporting and recording the details of ESI incident

I have been in the Police Force for 23 years and never in my career have I ever experienced such a knowledgeable, engaging and friendly first aid instructor than I have today. I have also never felt so confident and competent in my ability to administer first aid as a result of today’s training.

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