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Important Updates: Find out how we are transitioning to the new first aid units of competency and continuing to offer training for your staff during COVID-19.

Staying Well @ Work: Building Resilience

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Staying Well @ Work: Building Resilience

This 4-hour workshop is designed for all employees and addresses employee resilience by exploring key factors in developing and maintaining a positive workplace culture. Focus is placed on understanding how mental health impacts motivation and productivity as well as common psychological challenges within workplaces. This program also provides tools to support employees' personal resilience and address issues impacting their mental health.

Delivery Mode
Premium Health offers 2 delivery options. These options give you the opportunity to choose the way you would like to undertake the course. Shorter course times may mean there is often work to be undertaken online.

  • 4 hours (2 x 2 hour sessions) live virtual classroom training

  • 4 hours face-to-face training

Qualification Issued
Staying Well @ Work : Building Resilience

More About This Course
We select our Mental Health trainers carefully. All are mental health professionals with appropriate qualifications, technical expertise and experience in the mental health care sector. This enables them to provide you with quality training which is grounded in experience and knowledge of the field.

Topics include:

  • Exploration of the concept of a mentally healthy workplace and its relationship with our well-being

  • How mental health impacts motivation and productivity

  • Identification of key individual and organisational factors which influence mental health and well-being at work, including common psychological challenges in the workplace

  • Discussion on who is responsible for creating positive workplace culture and maximising mental health and well-being outcomes at work

  • Exploration of proactive strategies to increase well-being and resilience

  • Resources to develop a self-management plan

  • Know where to find further information and support

I have been in the Police Force for 23 years and never in my career have I ever experienced such a knowledgeable, engaging and friendly first aid instructor than I have today. I have also never felt so confident and competent in my ability to administer first aid as a result of today’s training.

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