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Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is our commitment of service to our clients. It outlines the services we provide, describes our service standards and provides information about how to contact Premium Health if you are not happy with our services.

About Premium Health

Premium Health is a registered training organisation delivering first aid training courses and occupational health and safety training and consultancy services nationally. As a first aid provider Premium Health aim to recognise and understand the individual first aid training needs of our clients and to meet those needs with flexible, innovative and practical training solutions.

Our Belief

The health and safety of all Australians is too important to compromise.

The Premium Health Promise

Your people are your life force. They give their all, all year round, to keep your business moving. So when it comes to doing the right thing by them, and protecting them on the job, only premium standard first aid and health training will do.

At Premium Health, we’re committed to empowering people Australia-wide with the skills to respond confidently and capably in times of need. And because you’d never compromise their health and safety, we don’t compromise on quality.

We don’t compromise on our training because innovative, memorable techniques embedded over time will come to mind right when you need them most. We don’t compromise on our people, because a real nurse or paramedic with real world know-how will always be the best qualified trainer. We don’t compromise on our service, because partnerships based on trust and respect are vital.

At the end of the day, a ‘tick in a box’ or a certificate on a wall can’t save a life, but a calm, confident, capable person can. So we’ll always deliver on our promise. Australia’s health and safety is too important to compromise.

Access & Equity

Premium Health is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for customers to access the full range of training delivery and assessment services we offer. Premium Health will, at all times, treat customers in an ethical and responsible manner that is consistent with the principles of social justice. Premium Health is committed to providing an inclusive environment that does not exclude or discriminate against individuals who may often face disadvantage.

Premium Health provides support services for learners within the scope of its operations. The nature of the support depends on an assessment of the individuals needs. If you know of anything that might prevent you from progressing through training and assessment, you are invited to call our Training Manager to discuss and design a suitable support strategy.

Customer Feedback

Premium Health values customer feedback to help us improve our services. There are several ways in which you can provide us with feedback whether these are complaints, suggestions for improvements or compliments.

You can contact us with your feedback via telephone 1300 72 12 92 or email [email protected]. A formal complaint can be submitted in writing via the Complaint Form. Any complaint will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner and you will be advised of the outcome of the investigation.

If you have a concern about bullying or sexual harassment you should report this immediately to your trainer or the Training Manager (telephone 1300 72 12 92).

Our Commitment to Service

At Premium Health we are committed to servicing our clients’ needs. We are continuously working to improve our service delivery in order to make clients’ training both productive and rewarding. Our client service commitment is based on the following principles:

  • Prompt service: We aim to reply to all enquiries in a prompt and timely way.
  • Transparency: We will provide all relevant information on our products and services upon request.
  • Communicating effectively: We aim to provide all our clients with the information that they require in a clear, timely and effective manner. Enquiries can be made by phone, facsimile, email or in person.
  • Quality training: We provide quality training that will allow clients to learn the first aid skills and knowledge required. We will always strive to deliver the training as detailed in all advertising or marketing material.

Educational Standards

Premium Health will adopt policies which maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of vocational education and training services and which safeguard the interests and welfare of students.

Premium Health will maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of students. Premium Health have the capacity to deliver the course(s) on the scope of registration, and will ensure that the facilities, methods and materials used in the provision of training will be appropriate to the outcomes to be achieved.

Premium Health will maintain systems for recording and archiving enrolments, attendance, completion, assessment outcomes, recognition of prior learning, grievances and statements of attainment/participation issued.

Premium Health will treat all personal records and information of students confidentially.

Training Environment

Premium Health will comply with all laws relevant to the operation of its training premises, including occupational health and safety and fire safety regulations and ensure that these training premises are of adequate size and have adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.

Premium Health will ensure that training facilities, equipment and other resource materials are adequate for the courses being delivered and are maintained in good order and repair.


Premium Health will issue Statements of Attainment to students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the accredited units and short courses on the Company’s Scope of Registration, have paid for the course and provided a valid USI.

Premium Health will recognise the Australian Quality Framework qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued and awarded by other Registered Training Organisations.

Quality Assurance and Improvement

Premium Health has clearly documented procedures for managing and monitoring all training operations and reviewing customer/client satisfaction.


Premium Health will market our vocational education and training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements. In the provision of information, no false or misleading comparisons will be drawn with any other provider or course.

Premium Health will not state or imply that courses other than those on the scope of registration are recognised.

Premium Health are fantastic to deal with. The process of booking in training is easy and Premium Health have a range of health related training topics to choose from. The facilitators who deliver the training are knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and make the sessions interesting.

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