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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Professional Development Program

Making the decision to invest in Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) is a commitment to not only improve mental health literacy but also the wellbeing of people within your organisation.

Feedback from our clients and leaders consistently demonstrates that overtime MHFAiders sometimes lack confidence in applying their knowledge in a "real world" environment.

Learning Objectives
In the professional development program, we explore:

  • The most impactful learnings and take-aways from practicing the role of a MHFAider

  • The approaches, conversations and interventions that have gone well

  • The challenges MHFAiders have faced

  • What to do when MHFAiders get stuck or feel unsure about what to do next

  • Complementary skills and practices to support the MHFAiders role

  • Strategies to establish a peer support network to minimise burnout and compassion fatigue

Delivery Mode
2 hours live virtual classroom training

More About This Course
Studies show that knowledge acquisition does not easily translate to action. Understanding this challenge, our tertiary qualified mental health practitioners have designed a professional development program specifically targeted to support your MHFAiders. Our program enables MHFAiders to take the steps necessary to embed their knowledge and deepen their skills to become effective and confident mental health champions.

This new research driven professional development program comprises four unique modules. The program recognises that opportunities for reflection, case discussion and peer support create the best learning environment for MHFAiders to develop and become more competent.

Premium Health recognises that learning from others, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance provides a cycle of continuous improvement that benefits the MHFAider, the people they support and your organisation.

The program utilises the principals of Coaching Circles and draws on the experience of all participants by sharing challenges, focusing on real issues and learning from others.

The program is comprised of four modules, which stand independently of one another. You may choose to undertake one or more, the choice is yours. The modules incorporate four key aspects of practice for MHFAiders.

Each module will provide time for sharing real experiences, as well as training to enhance skills and confidence. Our aim is to ensure MHFAiders leave each module feeling a sense of renewed confidence, energy, and vigour toward engaging in a helping conversation.

  • Module 1: Developing Skill and Confidence in MHFA Practice

  • Module 2: Developing Listening Skills To Hear and Not Respond

  • Module 3: Planning and Readiness for MHFA Conversations

  • Module 4: Setting Boundaries for the MHFAider

For more information on the 4 modules in the Mental Health First Aid Professional Development program, please contact us on 1300 721 292.

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