NEW NDIS MICROCREDENTIALS: Premium Health is pleased to introduce our new microcredential certification framework for high intensity support skills and health care training Introducing NEW NDIS Microcredentials

Microcredential: Assisting Clients with Medication

As part of Premium Health's Assisting Clients with Medication Microcredential, students are required to demonstrate specified knowledge and skills throughout the training and assessment session in order to be deemed competent.

The following applies for training completed from the 1st January 2024.

Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes training and assessment

The person named on the certificate has demonstrated the following knowledge and skills (in a simulated environment):

Prepare to assist with medication:

  • Recognise the role and responsibility of the support worker in relation to assisting clients with medications
  • Read a medication chart
  • Apply infection control principles
  • Identify the required equipment
  • Prepare the client for medication administration

Assist with medication administration:

  • Perform the ‘6 rights’ of safe medication practice
  • Assist a client to use a dose administration aid (DAA)
  • Observe the client for safe and complete ingestion of medication

Complete the assistance with medication procedure

  • Identify required documentation
  • Identify required actions in the event of a medication error
  • Safely store the dose administration aid

I have been in the Police Force for 23 years and never in my career have I ever experienced such a knowledgeable, engaging and friendly first aid instructor than I have today. I have also never felt so confident and competent in my ability to administer first aid as a result of today’s training.

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