By Phillipa Wilson, Founder and MD of Premium Health

Not all Australian workplaces are the same – so no two first aid courses should be either.

With approximately 285 serious injuries occurring each day in workplaces across Australia, it is undisputed that first aid training is a must. In fact, it is obligated by law.

Whilst some organisations regard first aid training as simply a compliance issue, quality first aid training – contextualised to address the risks at each workplace – can empower your people with the skills and knowledge they need to respond in an emergency –with confidence and enough expertise to make a difference on the scene while emergency services are on their way.

What do your people really need?

The first aid training your employees need depends on the identified risks at your workplace. If your people spend a lot of time outdoors you may need bee sting first aid training for anaphylaxis or snake bite first aid.

If they work in remote areas, first aid training designed for situations where help can be more than an hour away is imperative. If there are chemicals involved in your day-to-day operations, first aid treatment for chemical exposure is vital. And if you are working with children, an infant CPR and anaphylaxis training should form part of your employee first aid training.

First aid also goes beyond the physical injury. It is important to assess whether your workplace would benefit from Mental Health First Aid other Mental Health in workplace wellness training. Currently, only half of Australian workforces (56%) believe that their leadership team values or prioritises mental health, despite the fact that 45% of Australians aged 18-45 will be affected by mental health issues in their lifetime and 90% of Australians believe workplace wellbeing is important.

At Premium Health, we train over 50,000 people from a variety of industries every year, and every project is different. We encourage organisations to call us and discuss exactly what they need. We will work with you to tailor first aid package to meet your needs.

Not one size fits all

Our clients choose Premium Health because of our ability to understand their particular workplace needs and to deliver training which addresses their particular risks. With contextualised training delivered by nurses and paramedics who have expertise in responding to emergencies, our clients know that their people have the skills confidently respond in an emergency.

If you would like to discuss your workplace risks and first aid training requirements, get in touch with Premium Health today.

Premium Health is one of Australia’s leading first aid training providers, with a team of first aid trainers that are all paramedics and nurses.

They offer a variety of first aid related courses and training, including mental health first aid training, as well asspecialised first aid training, hands-on CPR and much more – at your workplace and public venues across Australia.

Do the very best for your employees by registering your interest in a first aid course today.

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