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Manual Handling – Advanced People Manual Handling Awareness Training for Support Workers : Live Virtual Classroom Training

Manual Handling - Advanced People Manual Handling Awareness for Support Workers : Online Live Training

The ability to apply safe manual handling principles and techniques is an essential skill for support workers who are supporting clients with reduced mobility.
Our advanced manual handling training course for support workers is designed specifically for people working in supported independent living centres, hospitals, in the home and residential aged care facilities. The advanced manual handling course develops the knowledge and skills required to recognise the advanced manual handling tasks performed when supporting client/s, the ways in which these tasks may lead to injuries, and how using safe work practices when assisting their client can minimise the risk of these injuries occurring.
Our advanced manual handling course for health care and support workers assists clients who are both semi-dependent and dependent and develops the manual handling knowledge skills relating to client transfer from bed to chair/wheelchair, sit to stand, rolling in bed, using slide sheets and hoists.

Delivery Mode
2 hours and 45 minutes live virtual classroom training

Qualification Issued
Advanced People Manual Handling for Support Workers : Live Virtual Classroom Training

More About This Course
Our Health Care programs are only ever conducted by either a nurse or a paramedic. There can be no better trainer than one who has "lived" experience. As a trusted health professional, they will teach the 'why' of your course and are committed to your learning. This manual handling awareness program provides support workers with essential knowledge to safely assist a semi-dependent and fully dependent client.

Some of the topics for our advanced manual handling for health care workers include:

  • Understanding the concepts of manual handling

  • Identifying manual handling tasks within the general and supportive care environment

  • Minimising manual handling injuries to self and others

  • Identifying the principles of safe lifting and moving of loads

  • Examining the relevant health and safety legislative requirements

  • Explaining the risk management process; including a risk management activity

  • Prompting versus assisting

  • Exploring the manual handling techniques for clients who are semi-dependent and fully dependent on others

  • Understanding the manual handling support required for a client transfer from bed to chair and bed to wheelchair

  • Understanding the manual handling support required for a client using walking aids

  • Repositioning a client using slide sheets

  • Applying a sling using slide sheets

  • Hoisting from a bed to a chair

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