Code of Conduct for Participants

At Premium Health we value diversity, respect, cooperation and freedom of expression balanced with social responsibility.

All participants are expected to behave in a considerate and courteous manner when dealing with our trainers and other participants.

Premium Health is committed to providing participants with a healthy and intellectually challenging training environment. Participants must not act in a way that interferes directly or indirectly with the learning of others, or that hinders trainers from carrying out their duties.

You, other participants and the trainers at Premium Health, have a right to work and train in an environment free from harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviours. We expect that you will treat our trainers and other participants courteously at all times and take reasonable care of Premium Health’s training premises, property and equipment.

You can expect our trainers to treat people in a fair and non-discriminatory way and at all times be professional in performing their duties.

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