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Premium Health - Defibrillation Training

What do Baa Baa Black Sheep and Staying Alive have in common?

When a person goes into cardiac arrest, their chances of recovery and survival drop 10% after every minute without defibrillation. And with 4 cardiac arrests occurring out of hospital every hour in Australia, that’s a...
Premium Health - Advanced First Aid

Not just CPR: four life-saving skills first aid can teach your staff

Across Australia, 12,000 people die from their injuries each year. Yet a focus on quality, comprehensive first aid training is still often passed off as a tick in a regulatory box. Why, when vital first aid...
Premium Health - Positive Workplace

What are your First Aid obligations?

Legally, every business in Australia - no matter what State or Territory - is required to adhere to their First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice, enabling them to provide their employees with vital...
Premium Health - Advanced Mental Awareness

Want to be an employer of choice? Workplace wellness is vital

In a world of constant workplace innovation, it is getting harder and harder to attract and retain the right employees. Flexible working policies, state-of-the-art facilities and ground-breaking technological offerings are all reshaping the definition of...
Premium Health - Mental Health Cost on Business

Beyond happiness: What is the true cost of mental health on business?

Late in 2017, a report in the UK found that “300,000 people with long-term mental health problems lose their jobs each year,” costing the UK economy about £99 billion annually. This staggering hindrance to profitability...
Premium Health - Training for All Workplaces

Why mental health training should extend to your family

We’ve all heard the old adage that you shouldn’t “take your work home with you.” But ensuring what happens in the office stays in the office is not that easy. In fact, 57% of workers...
Premium Health - Workplace Employer

Do your employees know you care? Only 56% of staff think so

It’s no secret that improving mental health in the workplace is core to reducing absenteeism, increase productivity, retain stellar staff in the war for talent and support your teams through tough times. But in spite...
Premium Health - Workplace Teamwork

The evolution of WHS: What are your mental health obligations?

Long gone are the days when workplace health and safety simply involved mitigating physical dangers. Over the last few decades, health and safety responsibilities have evolved to encompass a far more holistic skillset – including...
Premium Health - Workplace Conversations

How to have difficult conversations around mental health comfortably

In recent years, we’ve seen widespread global progress on the road to eliminating stigma, yet mental health statistics show that something is still holding us back from talking about the issue comfortably. Untreated mental health...
Premium Health - Mental Health vs Mental Illness

Mental Health vs Mental Illness: What are you dealing with?

Over the past few years, we’ve welcomed a greater willingness to engage in conversations around mental health in the workplace. And not a moment too soon, with around 450 million reported cases of mental health...
Premium Health - Workplace Mental Health

Does addressing mental health issues at work risk opening Pandora’s Box?

Despite the global growth of workplace wellness trends, many businesses are still hesitant to discuss mental health in the workplace. One key reason is that they’re scared of opening a Pandora’s Box of mental health...
Premium Health - Business Handshake

James Packer’s resignation a catalyst for mental health awareness

Yesterday morning, news of Australian business mogul James Packer’s resignation shocked the nation. The billionaire’s decision to relinquish his reign of the Crown Resorts kingdom – for the second time in a decade, this time...
Premium Health - Bus Stop CPR

Quality training means quality outcomes

‘Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt’. The Australian Resuscitation Council’s motto is certainly true when examining cases of bystander assistance. In the instance of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), time is tissue: A reduction in survival...
Premium Health - Workplace Mental Health Strategy

Beyond awareness: think ‘prevention’ in your workplace mental health strategy

According a report published by the National Mental Health Commission, mental health issues cost Australian businesses a staggering $11 billion dollars each year. But the cost doesn’t end there. From leave of absences that puts strain...
Premium Health - Workplace Meeting

The golden rules of RTO recruitment

In an industry that runs on relationships, recruiting the right skills for the job is just the beginning. Our 30 years delivering face-to-face training has shown us that a great attitude and a real way with...
Premium Health - CPR Training

Why quality First Aid training is critical to any workplace health and safety strategy

In my 20 years of working with clients in just about every industry, from manufacturing, construction and industrial to health and government, a lot has changed in the way Australian businesses approach workplace safety. From improvements...
Premium Health - Childhood Asthma

Australia, it’s time to take asthma seriously

As many as one in 10 Australian adults and one in nine children have asthma. As we grow older, asthma tends to lessen its grip on our lungs and on our day to day lives. So...
Premium Health - Bus Stop CPR

More than a ‘tick in the box’: First Aid matters

Having spent many years in customer service, account management and administrative roles, I can understand why some businesses are inclined to view First Aid training as a mere compliance obligation; a task to be marked...
Premium Health - First Time First Aid

First time first aiders

Every day, Australians from all walks of life are involved in incidents that require immediate intervention and urgent medical attention. And in the case of life-threatening injuries or illnesses, it’s those critical first few minutes...
Premium Health - Online Health Care Training

Managing compliance with a reliable Learning Management System

Murphy’s law dictates that whatever can go wrong, will. So you wear your seatbelt. You buy insurance. You book staff training well in advance. And you manage your business’ compliance via a reliable Learning Management System....
Premium Health - Remote Hikers

Premium Health’s Summer Health and Safety Series: Part 3

Christmas time has come and gone but the hot weather just keeps rolling in, and with it comes a set of seasonal health and safety risks that sees Australians from all walks of life reaching...

I have been in the Police Force for 23 years and never in my career have I ever experienced such a knowledgeable, engaging and friendly first aid instructor than I have today. I have also never felt so confident and competent in my ability to administer first aid as a result of today’s training.

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